Apply Picture Book

Please read through the following information carefully before submitting.

To become a member of the Golden Egg Picture Book programme your story needs to show promise and be sufficiently developed for us to help you take it to the next level. All applications will be read by our Admissions Editor, Jo Collins.

Picture Book Requirements:

Please submit up to three complete texts – no synopsis or illustration is required. We will assess your manuscripts and provide a short report on your writing, story arc and thoughts on your next step.  This costs £75.

Each new member is required to attend The Art of the Picture Book workshop on its next available date – this workshop is run twice a year. This is a mandatory one-day workshop for all picture book members.

If you are not ready, our report will advise you of ways in which your stories can be improved. You are welcome to re-submit your work after having taken our notes on board and re-written it.

Further Information:

If you are already a member of the Golden Egg Academy and wish to submit a second text, e.g. you are a fiction member and wish to submit a picture book text, please contact Abi at not submit through this page a second time.

We are currently only able to accept overseas applicants who can attend our workshops in London.


Enter your picture book title below. If you don't have a title yet, don't worry, just make one up.

Copy and paste your picture book content below. For readability and editing purposes try to ensure that lines are double spaced. Pasting may result in line breaks appearing mid-sentence, but these should disappear after checkout so ignore them. You can always fix any remaining formatting errors later.



We will assess your uploaded picture book and endeavour to send you a short report and advise you of your next steps usually within four to six weeks.