Mentoring Plan

The Golden Egg Mentoring Plan

Six month advanced course

 for the next step towards a career in writing for children.

You’ve worked hard developing and editing your manuscript; its central message, structure and characters are now taking shape. You’ve researched the genre and begun networking with the publishing industry but you’re determined to submit to an agent. You’re getting used to responding to editorial feedback, attending workshops, and reading. And you’d still like to work with an industry expert who gets your story, using the support of a writing community to keep you focused.

Rolling six-month course

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Course overview

On the Mentoring Plan you will work closely and intensively with an assigned industry editor. Keeping the child reader in mind, you will learn how to fine tune each component of your work-in-progress to ensure every layer of your novel is of the highest standard. You’ll also further develop ideas for your agent submission package.

Please note, it is possible to sign up for further six month Mentoring Plans as required. Future dates to be confirmed.

As with the Academy Plan, in between workshops you will be working hard to further improve your manuscript, applying what you’ve learned, and using clear direction from one2one editor meetings. One key difference is that it is more tailored to your needs. You and your editor will decide which aspects of your manuscript to work on. For example, you may need to develop the emotional arc of your protagonist, or develop the settings to help show character traits, or even focus on developing the structure at mid-point.

At the end of the six months, and if your editor thinks you are ready, they will forward your manuscript to be assessed by Imogen Cooper. If it has reached the high standard required, you will be able to discuss submission options and be offered the chance to become an Alumni. If it isn’t quite ready, don’t worry, you will be given guidance for your next steps. You may want to sign up for further six months mentoring.

You will fine tune your manuscript referring to the essential elements:

  • Creating a bond between the reader and characters
  • The importance of the invisible story structure
  • Dramatisation and timing of events
  • Story drive and changes across the story structure
  • Character voice, flaws, conflict, and emotional change
  • World building and setting
  • Editorial response and creativity
  • Pressures of the publishing industry

Run by our industry editors and published authors, the Mentoring Plan consists of:

  • workshops carefully selected to help you develop and inform your writing and editing process
  • 11 hours worth of one2one support from your editor
  • Mentoring course information and editorial notes
  • a Writing Buddy for informal support and guidance
  • membership to the Golden Egg private Facebook forums
  • priority booking for all Golden Egg social events where you can network with publishers, industry agents and published authors
  • specific social media opportunities to network with publishers, industry agents and published authors
  • regular Q&A forum and online activities
  • monthly newsletter with industry and Golden Egg updates
  • Graduation presentation at the Big Honk: official presentation of a bespoke Golden Egg badge and certificate in front of key industry people
  • Opportunity to become a Golden Egg Alumni

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Course objectives

By the end of the course, writers will have:

  • Edited each layer and component of their novel under the guidance of their assigned industry editor
  • Produced a manuscript of publishable quality ready to submit to agents and publishers
  • An understanding of the commercial publishing industry and how to negotiate the submission process

Course requirements

Each writer undergoing mentoring by an experienced industry editor must have:

  • Completed the Academy Plan to the satisfaction of their editor and the director of the Academy
  • A manuscript signed off by their editor as ready for the Mentoring Plan and ready for six months intensive tuning
  • Shown they respond well to editorial feedback
  • An understanding of the challenges of the children’s publishing industry and the current market

How to apply

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Six month programme @ £150 per month

NB Current Eggs may agree a tailored Golden Egg Mentoring Plan with Abi on as we are aware that you may have completed some of the workshops.