Twelve months to polish your story and synopsis with a top industry expert.

Mentoring sessions in London, the South West and Manchester.


Course Overview

During Golden Egg Mentoring, you will work closely and intensively with a top industry editor. Keeping the child reader in mind, you will learn how to fine tune each component of your work-in-progress to ensure every layer of your novel is of the highest standard. You’ll also further develop ideas for your agent submission package.

At the end of the twelve months, if your mentor thinks you are ready, they will forward your manuscript to be assessed by Imogen Cooper. If it has reached the high standard required, you will be able to discuss submission options and your manuscript will be forwarded to Barry Cunningham at The Chicken House for our First Look Deal. If your manuscript isn’t quite ready, don’t worry; you will be given guidance for your next steps, which may include continuing to be mentored on an ad hoc basis.

Course Requirements

In order to be invited to join a top industry editor for Mentoring, writers must have strong concept, through-line and character goals as well as demonstrating a promising voice. The usual path to Mentoring is through Golden Egg Foundations where manuscripts considered as having high potential will be recommended for this advanced course. On rare occasions, a manuscript will be picked out on application to the Academy. Please note though that at Mentoring stage we are not just looking for a strong voice or an excellent concept or a well thought through plot, but all three. Golden Egg Foundations has been specifically designed to help you to strengthen all of these areas. We highly recommend you invest time and effort in your future writing career by taking the Foundations course.

Applicants must have a full manuscript in order to join Mentoring.

At the Mentoring stage, we expect you to take your writing very seriously and to show commitment and tenacity towards achieving your goal of publication. Therefore, we expect all our students to dedicate at least six hours per week to their manuscripts and/or any writing exercises recommended by their editor, in addition to attending the workshops and meeting with (or Skyping) their editor. Additionally, there may be some background reading.

Course Structure

The Mentoring year runs over three terms. Each term starts with a workshop at Scholastic, London, held on either a Saturday or a Sunday. Throughout the term you will meet with your mentor to work on your manuscript or submission materials. Mentoring sessions will take place either face to face or via Skype. The Mentoring year includes twenty hours with your mentor to be used as agreed between you and your mentor. In addition (at the discretion of your mentor) you may purchase top-up hours and/or one2one sessions with one of the Golden Egg Academy’s experts.

Workshop 1: Your Characters and Their Journey with Imogen Cooper (Founder and Director of the Golden Egg Academy and formerly Editorial Director at The Chicken House).

Workshop 2: Action and Dramatic Tension with Beverley Birch (Carnegie-nominated author and formerly Senior Commissioning Editor at Hodder Children’s) and Bella Pearson (Publishing Director at David Fickling Books).

Workshop 3: Pitch and Submission with Amber Caraveo and Joanna Moult of Skylark Literary Agency

The Big Honk

Mentoring students are invited to attend the highlight of the Golden Egg social calendar, The Big Honk. The Big Honk is an opportunity to rub shoulders with agents, authors and industry professionals as a guest of Imogen Cooper and Barry Cunningham at the Savile Club, Mayfair.


Mentoring is by invite only. The vast majority invited to join a top industry professional for Mentoring will be those who have completed the Golden Egg Foundations course. This is because we want to ensure you give your story a thorough workout in terms of concept, through-line and character goals before moving on to work with one of our mentors. However, if your story is already strong in these areas and you demonstrate a promising voice, we may (at our discretion) fast track a manuscript into Mentoring. Please be advised though that this is not the usual path.

12 month programme @ £107.08 per month plus a deposit of £215 

or a single payment of £1500

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