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The Golden Egg Academy programme has been designed to offer a variety of workshops and one2one editorial surgery sessions to ensure that every writer has the tools they need for their writing career.

Each course plan is made up of high quality, carefully crafted workshops and editorial sessions, developed to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of you and your work in progress.

Once you have been accepted for a course plan you will be introduced to your editor and enter a supportive community of writers and editors.

This is an intensive, structured programme progressing from first Foundation Year steps to final Mentoring Plan to help you achieve a manuscript of publishable quality. Once you’ve graduated, we’ll support you as you submit to Barry Cunningham at The Chicken House through our highly beneficial First Look deal (see T&Cs), and connect you to a wide network of agents and publishers.

As Academy or Mentoring members you can, at any point, request a full report from your editor. Pricing Structure is below:

Up to 50,000 words £360 inc VAT

Up to 65,000 words £480 inc VAT

Up to 80,000 words £600 inc VAT

Any text over 80,000 words can be negotiated with your editor. As standard we would usually charge £50 inc VAT per additional 5,000 words.

These prices are subject to change.

Foundation Year

The Foundation Year helps writers improve their grasp of the three fundamental elements necessary for writing for children. Chosen applicants will learn new skills and hone their existing ones, applying the technique they learn to their own manuscripts over the year to draw out the promise in their stories.

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Academy Plan

Two one-year courses providing essential tools for a career in writing for children. You’re a creative person and proud of your manuscript, and you should be. It’s an early draft but you’re starting to think seriously about a career in writing for children. You’re not afraid of hard work or commitment, you read lots, may have attended a course in the past, but you’d like to work with an expert who ‘gets you’ and your story. You’d also like the support of a writing community to keep you focused.

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Mentoring Plan

The Golden Egg Mentoring Plan. Six month advanced course for the next step towards a career in writing for children. You’ve worked hard developing and editing your manuscript; its central message, structure and characters now taking shape. You’ve researched the genre and begun networking with the publishing industry but you’re determined to submit to an agent. You’re getting used to the commitment needed for responding to editorial feedback, attending workshops, and reading. And you’d still like to work with an industry expert who gets your story, using the support of a writing community to keep you focused.

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Alumni Plan

The Golden Egg Alumni Plan. Yearly membership providing essential support after Graduation. Want to join a growing list of successful Golden Egg authors? You’ve graduated from the Mentoring Plan (Mentoring Plan or ad hoc mentoring hours), have a manuscript ready for submission, and you’re still serious about a career in writing for children. What do you do next? Maybe you’re already submitting to agents/publishers, dealing with a rollercoaster of emotion. Are you lucky enough to be published but have another work-in-progress you want to discuss with an editor? The Alumni Plan could help.

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