Work on your novel

• Twelve months to work on your novel with editorial support and guidance
• Workshops, one2ones and online forums
• A community of like-minded writers and dedicated editors

Course Overview

You’ve refined your concept. You’ve strengthened your through-line and your characters have focus and goals. Now you need some time to get your head down to work on your manuscript.

The Work on Your Novel year builds on the fundamental skills taught on Story Foundations. Writers continue to meet one2one with a Golden Egg editor, attend workshops with their fellow writers and now gain further insight from high profile industry guests. This course ensures that writers continue to receive support, guidance, encouragement and inspiration – something all writers need at every stage of their journey!


Course Requirements

In order to enrol on the Work on Your Novel year, writers must have completed Golden Egg Story Foundations and have been recommended by their editor to continue at the Academy.

At Golden Egg, we take you seriously as a writer, so we expect all our students to dedicate time each week to work on their manuscripts. We recommend students spend around five hours per week on their manuscripts, and/or any writing exercises recommended by their editor, in addition to attending the three Nest Days and the one2ones. Attendance at the weekly online sessions is not mandatory but is strongly recommended. Note that you should also schedule in time for background reading.

Course Topics

Golden Egg Work on Your Novel runs over three terms. Each term includes a full-day Nest Day* held at a weekend, eight, weekly, online evening sessions and a one2one with a Golden Egg Editor.

*Nest Days will include facilitated, round-table sharing of progress and goals, the chance to share and discuss an extract of your work with your peers, lunch and a talk and Q&A with an inspirational industry professional or published author. At your one2one you will discuss 10,000 words of your manuscript and/or your Golden Egg BookMap Lite©.

Term 1: How Bad is Your Villain?

How bad is your villain? How great is the peril? A look at exciting villains, peril and dramatic tension.

  • Villains and protagonists in the psychiatrist’s chair
  • Deepening character through understanding motivation
  • Thinking about consequences – characters facing their worst fears
  • What this all means for your protagonist

Term 2 – Creating a Believable World

Creating a believable world. If you don’t believe it, your readers won’t!

  • Creating maps
  • Research, background documents and mood boards
  • The many dimensions of your story world
  • Description and keeping the story moving

Term 3 – Clues and Reveals

Every novel is a detective story for your reader OR planning your clues and reveals

  • Effective seeding and foreshadowing
  • Clues, reveals and when to make them
  • The semiotics of your novel
  • BookMaps© and tracking it all!

You may book a full report or a read of additional word count at your editor’s discretion at any time during the Work on Your Novel year (price on application).

The Big Honk

Work on Your Novel students are invited to attend the highlight of the Golden Egg social calendar, The Big Honk. The Big Honk is an opportunity to rub shoulders with agents, authors and industry professionals as a guest of Imogen Cooper and Barry Cunningham at the Savile Club, Mayfair.

South East (London)

Course Start Date for Work on Your Novel (WoYN3): January 2019


Nest Day 1 – How Bad is Your Villain?
Sunday 13th January 2019

Nest Day 2 – Creating a Believable World
Sunday 19th May

Nest Day 3 – Clues and Reveals
Sunday 8th September

Workshop Venue:
Scholastic, Euston House, London

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North (Manchester)

Course Start Date for Work on Your Novel: January 2019


Nest Day 1 – How Bad is Your Villain?
Saturday 5th January 2019

Nest Day 2 – Creating a Believable World
Sunday 28th April

Nest Day 3 – Clues and Reveals
Sunday 15th September

Workshop Venue:
MMU Business School, Manchester

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Wales and South West (Cardiff)

Next course start date: January 2020

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12 month programme @ £68 per month plus a deposit of £250

N.B. Those currently working with an Industry Editor please contact for more information.