Led by top industry professionals and published authors, masterclasses are run throughout the year in addition to our core courses.

These workshops are designed to help writers unlock a deeper understanding of particular elements of story craft, such as: voice, dramatic tension, dialogue and school or literary festival presentation.

Masterclasses are only available to Golden Egg members unless otherwise stated. Spaces are limited so book quickly to avoid disappointment! To book your space, contact

The Authentic Voice: Saturday 26th January 2019

with Beverley Birch and Bella Pearson
Saturday 26th January 2019, 11am – 5pm
Scholastic Offices, London

Terms such as ‘voice’, ‘tone’, ‘point of view’, ‘show, don’t tell’, are often used in criticism; novels are turned down not because the story is bad, but because of the ‘traditional style of narration’, an ‘intrusive authorial voice’, a ‘pedestrian style’, because the ‘characters don’t come alive’, because the ‘story can’t be “felt” by the reader’, etc.

But how do these elements manifest themselves in the writing? How can you make your story the one that really ‘speaks’ to the reader? One that is told in the most engaging and lively way possible, maintaining the integrity of your ideas, and through voices that are apt, authentic, consistent and interesting.

  • Writers will be given sections of text to be analysed through group discussion.
  • Bella and Beverley will help participants to reach a clear understanding of the effects of different approaches, their strengths and limitations, and what contributes to the kind of criticisms listed above.
  • Participants will be given writing tasks to explore the range of techniques and effects that have emerged from Session 1. The day will finish with a summary discussion to pull together everyone’s individual insights, struggles, revelations and ongoing problems.