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Action and Dramatic Tension

You’ve had the rejection letters and feedback: ‘Not a lot happens; Doesn’t grip me enough; Not surprising or exciting enough to hold attention in a very competitive market; Not enough happens to sufficiently engage young readers against everything else competing for their attention; Too slow; Not keeping me turning the pages; Good opening, but then everything goes slack …’ But … Read more

Bringing Your Characters to Life

This workshop was born out of the realisation that the story-telling and rehearsal process that lies at the heart of dynamic acting is very similar to that at the heart of writing for children. Creating a bond with the reader is taken a step further by using props and method-writing to better inhabit your characters and examine their motivations and … Read more

How Bad is Your Villain?

Nest Day 1 Morning – workshopping with Imogen Cooper and Abigail Kohlhoff Afternoon – industry talk with Barry Cunningham How bad is your villain? How great is the peril? A look at exciting villains, peril and dramatic tension. Villains and protagonists in the psychiatrist’s chair Deepening character through understanding motivation Thinking about consequences – characters facing their worst fears What … Read more

Show, Don’t Tell

Creating a bond between your reader and your characters is vital. One way of doing this is ‘showing’ the characters’ feelings, thoughts, actions and reactions – not simply ‘telling’ the reader about them. If it’s done well, the reader will not notice the techniques the writer has used. This one day workshop focuses on the skills required to use ‘showing’ … Read more

Enchant Your Audience

Learn how to give young children an interactive listening experience that engages them emotionally and holds their attention; Learn who does what in the world of picture book publishing; how to pitch to agents and authors, dealing with rejections; learning from feedback; Learn how to work with your publisher to establish and build your reputation as a professional picture book … Read more

What Shape is Your Storyboard?

What Shape is Your Storyboard? Workshops are held from 11.00am – 5.00pm on Saturdays at Scholastic Books, London, and are inclusive of lunch and refreshments. All of them are a mixture of teaching and writing, working alone and in small groups and workshopping draft manuscripts. Use the Golden Egg Storyboard Template to explore the most effective ways to pace your storytelling; … Read more

The Spine and the Heart

Term 2: The Spine and the Heart Use the Golden Egg BookMap© Lite to examine your novel (and a recently published children’s novel) in overview. Look at different strategies for structuring a story and consider the story beats within your own work in progress. Refine your story beats and story idea and receive feedback. Course Objectives By the end of … Read more

Bringing Your Story to Life

Term 3: Bringing your Story to Life Learn how to give the child reader an immersive story experience that captures them emotionally and enables them to experience your story world vividly. Examine your text (and that of a recently published children’s novel) to identify techniques that create strong emotions in the reader (e.g. tension, fear, sadness, joy, apprehension, etc). Rework and … Read more

Creating a Believable World

Nest Day 2  Morning – workshopping with Imogen Cooper and Dr Vanessa Harbour Afternoon – industry talk with Imogen Cooper Creating a believable world. If you don’t believe it, your readers won’t! Creating maps Research, background documents and mood boards The many dimensions of your story world Description and keeping the story moving

Pitch and Submission

What does it mean to ‘be on submission’ and where do you begin? Sending your quality manuscript to an agent or publisher is an important stage of your writing career. This will be the first time your manuscript will be seen, outside of Golden Egg, and you have to make it count. Having a strategy, taking charge of the process, … Read more