Show, Don’t Tell

Creating a bond between your reader and your characters is vital. One way of doing this is ‘showing’ the characters’ feelings, thoughts, actions and reactions – not simply ‘telling’ the reader about them. If it’s done well, the reader will not notice the techniques the writer has used. This one day workshop focuses on the skills required to use ‘showing’ to best effect, bringing your narrative to life, whilst realising that ‘telling’ may also play an important role in your story.
When you have completed this workshop you will be able to answer these questions:

  • How can I dramatise my story more fully to engage my reader?
  • How do I identify ‘showing’ and ‘telling’ in my manuscript?

This workshop is part of our Academy Plan. You can book this via the shop.

This is a provisional workshop date which will be confirmed before the end of the year. For more details see our terms and conditions.

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