Presentation and Preparation

Reading aloud and presenting your work in schools and at festivals is an important part of a professional author’s job. This workshop will give you the confidence not only to engage with a wide spectrum of audiences from young children to teachers, parents and fellow creative writers, but also give you an understanding of how to use your voice and body effectively.

This workshop intends to:

  • Help you prepare a simple, engaging presentation for audiences ranging from children to adults.
  • Help you employ acting skills to engage an audience.
  • Teach you to present more effectively.
  • Teach you to read your work in a lively, engaging way.

Workshop Preparation:
Bring a presentation or idea for a presentation to work on and practice during the workshop.

Lunch included.

This is a Mentoring Plan workshop. If you are not on the Mentoring Plan but would like to attend please contact

Price includes VAT

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