Finishing Touches and Why They Matter

You’ve finished – Hooray! But now you need to present your magnum opus to the readers that could help you make money from it – agents and publishers. And these people are ruthless about casting aside any work that is less than completely professional. So in this workshop you will find out the mistakes to avoid and learn how to make it as easy as possible for any professional to read and enjoy your story. Learn how best to layout your typescript, how to ensure it is free of spelling and grammar mistakes, and that it does justice to your skill and originality.

This workshop intends to:

  • Show you the common errors that irritate and put off agents and editors reading submissions.
  • Give you a better understanding of spelling, grammar and punctuation so that you can spot obvious pitfalls before you submit.
  • Teach you how to layout a typescript in Word that is clear and simple to read.
  • Encourage you to learn about the processes that will be involved in editing and publishing your novel.

Lunch included.

This is a Mentoring Plan workshop. If you are not on the Mentoring Plan but would like to attend please contact

Price includes VAT

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