Bringing Your Story to Life

Term 3: Bringing your Story to Life

  • Learn how to give the child reader an immersive story experience that captures them emotionally and enables them to experience your story world vividly.
  • Examine your text (and that of a recently published children’s novel) to identify techniques that create strong emotions in the reader (e.g. tension, fear, sadness, joy, apprehension, etc).
  • Rework and receive feedback on a section of your manuscript.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, writers will have:

  • investigated the ‘child reader of today’, the books they read and the books publishers are buying for the children’s market
  • explored the fundamentals of storytelling from a child’s point of view and examined their manuscript with this in mind, reworking their text where necessary
  • strengthened their concept and mapped out their story in overview
  • discussed and applied some strategies for tightening the structure to improve pace and drive
  • considered how to make their story come alive for a child reader by dramatising scenes (showing rather than telling) and by taking an active, forward path through their narrative

This is a Golden Egg Foundations January 2018 intake workshop.

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