Action and Dramatic Tension

You’ve had the rejection letters and feedback: ‘Not a lot happens; Doesn’t grip me enough; Not surprising or exciting enough to hold attention in a very competitive market; Not enough happens to sufficiently engage young readers against everything else competing for their attention; Too slow; Not keeping me turning the pages; Good opening, but then everything goes slack …

But YOU know that your story takes your character on a life-changing journey, full of meaning.


  • Dramatic tension: What is it? What various forms can it take? How do you create it?
  • Core themes and plots that bring tension to a novel
  • Specific writing techniques
  • Things that undermine holding tension successfully in plotting and writing
  • Elements of a novel that constitute action

Join Beverley and Bella for a workshop exploring the nature of action and dramatic tension, on finding it in your own story and bringing it effectively to the surface.

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