Storytelling and Self-Awareness by Alex Campbell

How well do you know yourself . . . as a writer? Know yourself, before you can know others, or so variations of the old adage go. But I’ve always been curious how far that’s also true of writing: do you need to know yourself as the storyteller – before you can truly know your story? To understand the... Read more

Jekyll or Hyde: writing children’s middle-grade or young adult fiction? By Anthony Burt

Just recently I’ve been changing. Not in the visiting-the-swimming-pool-so-I’m-getting-into-my-trunks changing, more the Jekyll and Hyde sense. Yes, that’s right, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Probably admitting such a thing at this point in the blog might lead you to imagine dark hospital wards, a padded cell, me drooling angrily over my laptop, throwing test tubes of brightly-coloured liquid around... Read more

A Story Dialogue – Mentoring and Me by Vashti Hardy

(Warning – I may overuse the word wonderful) It was this time last year that I sent my writing off to Golden Egg. I’m loving  my journey with GEA and thought it only fair to share my experience of the last year with new eggs and the egg curious. There are many things that have made GEA a great... Read more

My Writing Process Blog Tour – Thinking and Feeling by Kay Vallely

Many thanks to fellow Egger Vashti Hardy for passing the baton to me in the blog tour. You can read her fantastic ‘world building’ post here: Reading how others approach their writing is fascinating and it’s good to know I’m not alone! I’m writing my first YA novel and it’s heavily influenced by the Welsh and Shropshire hills... Read more

A debut author’s view of the editing process

By Jeanie Waudby Cross The Line will be my first published book, so the experience of being edited was something new for me. But it was also something I had looked forward to, because after years of self-editing and rewriting I knew how difficult it is to know when to stop, and how hard it becomes to see what... Read more

The importance of reading widely

By Dr Vanessa Harbour Read, read and then read a bit more. As writers one of the most important things we can do is read. This is for a variety of reasons: 1. Read to find out what you like. 2. And conversely read to find out what you don’t like. 3. Read outside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself.... Read more

Welcome to the Golden Egg blog

At the Golden Egg Academy we aim to provide an holistic approach to the task of getting manuscripts ready for the eyes of publishers and agents. To that end, we will be working hard not just to develop your manuscripts but to understand you as writers, as it is our belief that your text is only half the story,... Read more