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One of our GEA North Foundations students, Yvonne Banham recently jumped at the chance of a hot-topic, hot-ticket SCWBI-SE Scotland event, “Other Lives, Other Voices,” with award-winning author Patrice Lawrence...

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Learn how to present your work with confidence Join award-winning writer, actor, and experienced presenter, Andrew Weale, and Voice and Communication Coach, Kate Montague for our Enchant Your Audience: Presenting Your Work with Confidence workshop on 22nd October. They will introduce you to a range of techniques to develop...

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Kamagra Oral Jelly Cheapest

  As a brand new Egg - with only five chapters and a rather vague plan to my name - I thought I might find myself out of my depth on Sarah Mussi’s Story Structure workshop. I needn't have worried. Sarah put us at ease instantly with...

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The final step is often the hardest. And the bizarre thing, it’s usually the smallest. Thus it is so with accomplishing anything in life, including being a successful writer. The final step is that last little rung, at the top of the ladder, that feels so...

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I used to read posts about writers finding agents and signing book deals and there was always one thing I wanted to know. How long did it take??? Of course, everyone is different and every journey will take a different amount of time and you can never...

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Introduction If you’ve been reading our blog for a while you’ll know that here at Golden Egg we love helping writers with talent write their best possible story.  Our fascination with story and the writing process means we’re always very interested in what writers have to...

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