Enchant Your Audience

Learn how to present your work with confidence Join award-winning writer, actor, and experienced presenter, Andrew Weale, and Voice and Communication Coach, Kate Montague for our Enchant Your Audience: Presenting Your Work with Confidence workshop on 22nd October. They will introduce you to a range of techniques to develop confidence, a good speaking and reading voice and help you convey your... Read more

Getting to Grips with Story Structure by Sally Ashworth

  As a brand new Egg – with only five chapters and a rather vague plan to my name – I thought I might find myself out of my depth on Sarah Mussi’s Story Structure workshop. I needn’t have worried. Sarah put us at ease instantly with her unstinting energy and enthusiasm, varying the pace brilliantly to take account... Read more

The Never Ending Journey by Lorraine Gregory

I used to read posts about writers finding agents and signing book deals and there was always one thing I wanted to know. How long did it take??? Of course, everyone is different and every journey will take a different amount of time and you can never know what yours will be like … but I do think it... Read more

Waiting For Callback by Perdita Cargill

It all kicked off when I stood on a stage, dressed as a spider, and impersonated a carrot and (against the odds) was noticed by an agent for child actors. So, next step decide what to wear to the Oscars? Well no. Think more a succession of mildly humiliating (and largely unsuccessful) auditions in draughty church halls, occasional moments... Read more

The Golden Egg Writing Process Questionnaire with Children’s Writer SF Said

Introduction If you’ve been reading our blog for a while you’ll know that here at Golden Egg we love helping writers with talent write their best possible story.  Our fascination with story and the writing process means we’re always very interested in what writers have to say about their writing process and the story of their developing talent. SF... Read more

From Blank Page to Golden Egg by Matthew Taylor

Where do ideas come from? Without ideas I wouldn’t get very far, so it makes sense to try to understand where they come from. They are ever so slightly out of my reach, floating above my head like little clouds. I can’t force them down against their will. That wouldn’t work, that would have them rise higher. The trick... Read more

The Write Stuff – New Year, New Writing Resolutions

At Golden Egg Academy we give talented children’s writers advice, support and learning opportunities to broaden their skills.  As well as bespoke one-to-one meetings with editors and detailed feedback, our programme of carefully constructed workshops are designed to cover all aspects of the writing process, from storytelling to research to character development.  Our workshops are designed to help writers... Read more

Season of Change by Haulwen (Halloween) Nicholas

A (very) New Egg reflects on her first tentative steps joining the GE Academy This is my favourite time of year. It starts with my autumn “tingle”, when I feel the first gentle breath of cold in the air, its gentle caress that makes me shiver and shudder with anticipation.  I love the sense of excitement – colourful leaves,... Read more

The Golden Egg Academy Writing Buddy by Kay Vallely

Something incredible happened on Saturday 30th August. A clutch of new writers, excited, nervous and incredibly keen, arrived at Scholastic Children’s Publishing offices in London to start their BookMap©, and I began the role of the Golden Egg Academy (GEA) Writing Buddy. As well as being about fantastic and wise editorial advice from seasoned professionals in the children’s publishing industry,... Read more