Dispatches from a Golden Egger – Part Five

Contribution by Andrew Wright Being Creatively Sick For me the work on the BookMap between 29 October and 20 November was so very creative that it was actually akin to vomiting (apologies for the visceral nature of that metaphor).  Once started the BookMap forced me to begin to cohere story strands, work on physical ways to show what was... Read more

Dispatches from a Golden Egger – Part Four

Contribution by Andrew Wright Hoorah for the BookMap “I can see clearly now the rain has gone.” The next stage of my work with Golden Egg was the BookMap, building on these themes and ideas, weaving together the plot from beginning to end.  The BookMap was an equally revelatory experience, but one owing more to cool-headed spreadsheety-ness than wild,... Read more

Dispatches from a Golden Egger – Part Three

Contribution by Andrew Wright Exploring the Length, Breadth and Depth of My Story In September 2013 I was lucky enough to be accepted to have a one to one mentoring session with Imogen Cooper at the Golden Egg Academy.  Sitting down with Imogen, my gut-twisting with fear, in the cafe of the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank... Read more

Dispatches from a Golden Egger – Part Two

Contribution by Andrew Wright The Way Round  “Be clear about what you want to say and then keep on trying to say it until there’s just enough words to get it across and not one more.” A very wise editor There’s a curious relationship between writing a story and thinking about writing one.  When we’re in the throes of... Read more

Dispatches from a Golden Egger – Part One

My name’s Andrew Wright and I’m the writer of (and midwife to) a series of novels about a boy called Gareth who has amazing magic locked up in his head.  But this blog isn’t about Gareth, not yet anyway, it’s about the birth pains and tribulations on the journey to make his adventures fit for the world, still very... Read more